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Trevor's Raspberry Pi Wiki

OK, OK! This is not really a wiki yet, since I'm the only contributor and it's not public. However I am using it to make notes about my "Raspberry Pi" investigations etc. (So I guess it might be a "bit of a blog" for now) and it's running on the Raspberry Pi pictured below. Some parts, "cleaned up", have, or may, make an appearance on the elinux.org Raspberry Pi wiki (eventually). An exported version (uneditable, html formatted) forms the core of my "Raspberry Pi" webpages.

A Few Piccies ...




Things I'm trying out

Other Issues or Info.

GPIO Prototyping Boards Etc.

Example OS Screenshots

Generic Issues, not "Pi-specific"

prio1.png NB: Work in Progress!
prio2.png ~Two weeks after receipt (2012.11.01)
prio3.png Replacement received 2012.11.14
alert.png and again to a Model 'A' Pi (2013.05.10)

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