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Trevor's "Raspberry Pi" Wiki

OK, OK! This is not really a wiki yet, since I'm the only contributor and it's not public. However I am using it to make notes about my "Raspberry Pi" investigations etc. (So I guess it might be a "bit of a blog" for now) and it originally ran1 on the "B1/256Mb" Raspberry Pi pictured below. Some parts, "cleaned up", have, or may, make an appearance on the elinux.org Raspberry Pi wiki (eventually), and/or be referred to in posts on the Raspberry Pi Forum (where I can be contacted). An exported version (uneditable, html formatted) forms the core of my "Raspberry Pi" webpages.

A Few Piccies ...




Things I'm trying out

Other Issues or Info.

GPIO Prototyping Boards Etc.

Example OS Screenshots

Portable Power Banks/Chargers

Generic Issues, not "Pi-specific"

prio1.png NB: Work in Progress!
prio2.png ~Two weeks after receipt (2012.11.01)
prio3.png Replacement received 2012.11.14
alert.png and again to a Model 'A' Pi (2013.05.10)

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  1. From September 2012 until July 2015 (1)

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